Olive oil


Hacienda La Valeriana complies with the European norm for organic farms obtaining the certification of the Andalusian Committee for Organic Agriculture (CAAE), and recently, has taken a step further, by obtaining the Biosuisse Certification.


Hacienda La Valeriana olive oil is produced exclusively from the olive grove of The Estate, guaranteeing its origin and authenticity throughout the production process. It corresponds to a single annual production and is bottled in a limited and numbered edition

Aceite Hacienda La Valeriana


To obtain such a high quality of olive oil, not only is it essential to select the best fruit and the right moment of maturity before we harvest, but also to take care of all the details during the whole harvest process, both in the olive grove and in the oil mill.

For this reason in “Hacienda La Valeriana” we start the harvest every year between the months of October and November, always in search of a healthy and fresh fruit. We use modern means of harvesting so as to avoid any contact between the harvested olives and the soil. During its transformation in the oil mill the olives are pressed immediately after their recollection and always at a low temperature, to help preserve all the quality of the fruit.


The Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Hacienda La Valeriana” has been pampered since its very conception to obtain an oil with an exceptional flavour. Given the numerous varieties of olive tree present in the farm and in order to obtain the perfect combination, we make a selection picking each one for their particular taste and point of maturity. The varietal base of our olive oil is the Picual variety with approximately a 50% share, with a 35% share is the Hojiblanca variety, whilst the remaining 15% is divided between a series of varies such as the Picudo, Pajarero and Nevado Azul. The end result is an extra virgin olive oil with a unique and unrepeatable flavour.


At first sight, “The Hacienda La Valeriana” Extra Virgin Olive Oil stands out for its green coloured tones, result of pressing the olives in the months of October and November. It has an intense and rich fruity aroma, combined with a fresh sweet flavour followed by a potent spicy touch. As a whole, it is an oil of the highest quality, ideal for giving the final finishing touch to all kinds of salads, vegetables and grilled fish.

Each 500ml glass bottle comes with a cork stopper with dispenser and comes in a beautiful individual case.